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Bison Skin

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Bison Skin Holsters

While some concealed weapon carriers prefer traditional materials such as cowhide, horsehide or Kydex for their holsters, others want something a bit more "exotic." If this sounds like you, then you'll want to take a closer look at a holster made of bison skin. You'll love the look, feel and durability that high-quality bison leather can bring to your holster ownership experience.

High Noon Holsters presents its Bison Skin Collection. The exquisite detail and superb craftsmanship that goes into the creation of each exotic leather product under the High Noon Holsters brand name makes us confident in the complete satisfaction of every customer. Bison is rugged and presents a beautiful and unique skin texture. Bison is durable and able to take a considerable amount of abuse and is long-lasting.

In its natural state, bison leather has remarkable durability and strength. Forty percent stronger than cowhide, bison leather lasts for decades. Both bison and cowhide are the strongest easily obtainable animal hides and are similar in strength and elasticity. However, in both bison leather and cow leather, strength is dictated by the thickness of the hide or the leather grade - and as mentioned earlier, bison leather is typically not stretched as much as cow leather, which results in bison leather often being considered the stronger of the two.

We only purchase our bison skin from companies who are or work with companies that humanely harvest bison - simply because it is ethical and professional.

Our Bison Skin Holster Product Line

High Noon Holsters currently offers two cutting-edge bison skin holster models for sale:

  • Slide Guard: An advanced version of Topless holster design, this item derives its name from the slide guard that prevents the slide, hammer and sight from contacting the user. We expertly hand-mold each Slide Guard holster to ensure a secure fit. We can handcraft the holster to fit various handgun models from leading manufacturers such as American Tactical, Charter Arms, Dan Wesson, Glock and many others. Available in beautiful brown bison leather, you'll love the way the holster looks while you're wearing it.
  • Down Under Bison: The Down Under bison skin holster closely resembles our Public Service holster model — except for the 15-degree cant. When combined with the leather lining, this facilitates a fast, smooth draw. The holster is available with clips or straps, and you can also order additional belt straps if you prefer. As with the Slide Guard, you can purchase the Down Under to fit numerous weapon models from all the top gun manufacturers.

Though not available for sale right now, we can make our Public Secret, Hideaway, Upper Limit and Bare Necessity in Bison, as well. Please call us for pricing - 727-939-2701.

We Have the Experience to Produce Superior Bison Skin Holsters

Exotic substances such as bison skin can be more challenging to work with than standard holster materials. With more than 20 years of holster manufacturing expertise, you can trust High Noon Holsters to custom-make a beautiful, rugged bison holster that will exceed your expectations.

If you're not satisfied with your holster for any reason, please let us know, and we'll do everything possible to rectify the issue. Then, if you're still not happy, you can return the item to us within 14 days of receipt for a refund.

You'll Love Our Simplified Online Ordering Process

At High Noon Holsters, we believe purchasing products online shouldn't be a hassle. Our user-friendly e-commerce site makes ordering bison skin holsters and other items fast and easy. Once you're finished building your wish list, you can complete the quick, secure checkout procedure using your preferred payment method. Available options include Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, Discover and American Express.

Fast Shipping is Also Available

Our bison skin holsters are made-to-order items, which means they take longer to create than most of our in-stock products. However, this doesn't mean you have to wait forever to receive your new holster. By choosing our rush service, you can have your item in as little as seven to 10 days!

Take a Closer Look at Our Bison Skin Selection

If bison works for your concealed carry holster needs, we encourage you to browse our current inventory and place your order today. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives by phone or email.