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Leather Holsters

Leather Holsters

59 Item(s)

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59 Item(s)

per page

Are you looking for a high quality leather holster for your handgun? Then look no further than the leather holsters at High Noon Holsters. We offer custom leather holsters in a variety of colors and finishes. We give you high quality leather holsters with a perfect combination of utility and style. Our gun holsters are built from the best quality materials available.

We offer a variety of different styles, like the Slide Guard, a gun holster made with a gorgeous full grain leather that gives the holster a luxurious look. The Slide Guard is custom molded to your handgun. For those looking more for utility than style, there's the Bare Asset. It is designed to give you more speed when drawing, and as a black holster, it blends right in when clipped to a black belt.

If you can carry concealed for safety, then the Pocket Grabber is for you. This gun is excellent for carrying for personal protection. It will make sure you have your gun handy when you need it and it is also made with a special material that will keep the holster from wearing a hole in your pocket and also keep your gun hidden from view. This holster is also designed for safety because it releases from the bottom or your pocket, not the top. Releasing from the bottom is safer but often no available in many holsters. Our variety of designs can fit any gun owner's needs. Our gun holsters are high quality and custom-made. We have ones built for competitive shooting, concealment, and personal protection. Get your high quality High Noon holster today.

The leather holster has a long and storied history when it comes to gun containment, and for some gun enthusiasts, there is no substitute. If you are one of those gun owners who appreciate a finely crafted leather gun holster, you’ve come to the right holster company. High Noon Holsters has an incredible array of leather gun holsters customizable to your specific tastes with a wide range of colors and finishes.

When it comes to leather, high-quality is a must, and we accept nothing less than the best materials when it comes to the quality of our leather products. These leather holsters are the perfect melding of form and function.

Whatever your gun priorities are, from competitive shooting to personal protection, we have a leather gun holster that will suit your needs perfectly. There’s sure to be a design in our selection that is just what you have in mind.

Why Choose a Leather Holster?

When it comes to concealed gun holsters, leather is the only choice for some. But why is that? What makes leather handgun holsters so special?

Why do you use a holster at all? The purpose of your holster is to protect your gun, allow you to safely carry it when not in use and protect your body from the harsh and uncomfortable feel of the metal. Leather does all of these jobs admirably — some might say better than any other material.

Leather is a unique, organic material, with a feel and a form that a synthetic product will never be able to match fully. If you’ve ever held a leather holster in your hand or against your body, you know exactly what we mean. While some find the “breaking in” process of leather a hassle, to many gun owners, the opportunity to train a piece of leather to conform exactly to your weapon carrying needs makes it the perfect material for a holster.

On top of this, leather lasts a lot longer than synthetic materials. If you have a wallet, belt or briefcase made of leather, you may have had it for years with no noticeable decline in quality, and you’ll probably have it for decades more if you want to. In fact, like fine wine, leather seems to get better with age.

Another appealing feature of leather that gives it a big edge over synthetic holsters is how quiet it is. You can draw a weapon from a leather holster almost silently, which could give you a life-saving advantage in some situations.

Synthetics have their advantages, to be sure. Leather requires a lot more care than molded plastic, and you need to treat it accordingly. Synthetic holsters are also extremely tough and have a streamlined appearance. But if you appreciate a good leather product, we definitely have a holster for you.

Check out Our Wide Selection of Leather Gun Holsters for Revolvers

There’s a leather holster in our collection for just about every need and occasion. Here’s a sampling:

  • The Topless – The Topless is a made-to-order leather holster made from full grain leather with an open muzzle design, covered trigger guard and tension screw. This gorgeous leather holster with no thumb break has a 15-degree forward cant and double-stitched seams.
  • The Slide Guard – The Slide Guard is a custom High Noon Holsters special that is one of our favorites. It is a more advanced version of the Topless with a gorgeous full-grain leather look, a slide guard and a high-ride two-slot holster. This is a made-to-order holster that is molded to your gun’s contours for a perfect fit.
  • The Hidden Ally – These inside-the-waistband concealed carry leather gun holsters are for those gun owners for whom concealment is a top priority. With a leather extension, you can tuck your shirt completely over the weapon and holster making it almost completely undetectable to the naked eye. All you can see is the belt clip, which can be camouflaged against a black belt.
  • Tail Gunner – The outstanding feature of this leather holster is its stabilizer wing that gun owners who have had a problem in the past with their holster rotating or shifting will love. The leather lining of the interior allows an extremely smooth draw, and the synthetic reinforced holster opening gives you combat grip accessibility and easy one-handed holstering. This weapon holster includes a slide guard to prevent the slide, hammer or sight from contacting with the wearer.
  • The Under Armor – If you’re looking for a reliable leather shoulder rig, take a look at the Under Armor, made from a specially extruded laminate skin with a vegetable-tanned leather backing. It is fade-resistant, abrasion-resistant and scuff-resistant, so you can expect it to look great for years. It also includes our special diamond-shaped swivel back plate so all four points can pivot independently for added comfort. For a shoulder rig with similar features but unique detail molding, check out the Under Taker, a made-to-order shoulder rig based on the same design as the Under Armor.

High Noon Holsters Is the Perfect Home for the True Leather Gun Holster Lover

We’ve just mentioned a small selection of the wide variety of leather gun holder options you can choose from with High Noon Holsters. We pride ourselves on offering the best leather gun holsters along with the best leather gun holster belts and other accessories on the market. We deliver concealed carry leather gun holsters for people who love guns and the accessories that go with them.

We also pride ourselves in offering the best customer service around. Our friendly team of gun enthusiasts loves to help fellow gun owners find the perfect holster that will be with them for a long time to come. We can help you narrow down your choices, help you find a great leather holster and ship it out to you right away so you can start making use of it fast.

Your dream leather gun holster is waiting for you. Find your favorite and order from High Noon Holsters today!