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Extreme Duty Belt Holsters

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9 Item(s)

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XDM Duty Holsters

Extreme duty (XDM) gun holsters meet the needs of concealed weapon carriers who require a rugged product designed for heavy use. High Noon Holsters offers a high-quality leather XDM duty holster expertly handcrafted from your choice of cowhide or horsehide. We can produce a lined or unlined XDM duty holster for various handgun models from top manufacturers such as Colt, Beretta, Browning, Kimber and many others. Available colors include black, tan and natural.

Choose the XDM Holster Type That Meets Your Needs

We offer an assortment of custom-made XDM holsters to meet the functional and style requirements of just about any gun owner, such as:

  • Topless: This high-ride, two-slot model is ideal for gun users who prefer a holster without a thumb break. Because it is topless, the holster facilitates a faster draw. The hand-molded design ensures a secure fit.
  • Tomahawk: A variation of the Topless, the Tomahawk is another outside-the-waistband holster named for its resemblance to the tomahawk weapon once used by Native Americans. While the Topless has leather cutout slots, the Tomahawk features high-density poly-molded belt loops for an exceptional concealed carry experience.
  • Slide Guard: Named for its cutting-edge slide guard feature, this XDM duty holster is designed to prevent contact between the user and the slide, hammer and sight.
  • Stingray: The Stingray also includes a slide guard, along with an open design for a smoother, faster draw.
  • Sky High: The Sky High is another popular high-ride, two-slot holster equipped with a covered trigger guard and snap that protects the finish.
  • Side Effect: This XDM duty holster offers an open muzzle design, 15-degree forward cant and a tension screw for simplified adjustment.
  • Snapper: We handcraft the Snapper with two straps that loop over the belt and snaps for secure locking. This allows you to remove and replace the belt quickly.
  • Need for Speed: The aptly named Need for Speed includes a hidden second slot for the belt that heightens its concealability. The reinforced holster opening allows you to replace your weapon with one hand.
  • Bottom Line: If you prefer wearing your weapon in the small of your back, the Bottom Line will meet your needs. The triple-slot design provides additional stability along the belt line, while the rough side out design delivers increased grip.

We Make It Easy to Order XDM Duty Holsters

Whether you prefer an XDM .45 duty holster or any other product from our extreme duty line, you'll appreciate our simplified online ordering process. Once you've accumulated your wish list, you can check out quickly and securely using your preferred payment method — PayPal, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or Visa.

Because we custom-make these holsters, they take longer to ship than our in-stock items. However, if you choose our rush service, you could receive your order in only seven to 10 days.

Take a Closer Look at Our XDM Duty Holster Line

Browse our current XDM duty holster offerings and place your order today! Feel free to contact us via phone or email if you have questions or need assistance.