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Rush Service

With this service, we are in a difficult situation. High Noon always likes to please the customer. We do just about anything to make you a happy customer. In fact, we have a squeaky clean reputation across the web. But with a rush service we are operating under different conditions to get the desired outcome, which is a true rush service. Within hours after the order is placed the product is started. If you ordered the wrong color, want to change products, forgot the lining, picked the wrong gun, want to change guns etc., etc., it cannot be done. After the product is cut it cannot be changed. We are telling you upfront, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS SERVICE LIGHTLY or you ruin it for everyone. You must get it right the first time and its easy to do. Know your product, take your time, do the research, and read the site its full of information. Call us and ask questions before you order if you need to, we are here to help 727-939-2701. Do not order flippantly, it will only cost you money. Make sure before you hit the submit button the order is 100% correct. Check your confirmation E-mail which will be in your box minutes after the sale.

I Feel Guilty I Am Cutting The Line

That's not the case at all, we would never let that happen to our customers, this service does not clog up our normal production at all. You are not cutting the line or making someone else wait longer. Our factory is split into three sections. One part works on all the made to order items, or in other words, non stocking. The second part works on our stocking items. The third part works on any OEM projects. All are cross trained to float into any spot we need, so quality is not compromised. Your rush order goes into the second part of the factory that works on stocking items. They are always months ahead, so by using them no customer waits longer because of this service. Again, you are not cutting the line in anyway.

Here's How It Works

If you cannot wait, this rush service is available for you. You can add it at the options screen, picture is below. We assign your order to one of our team members to walk around the factory thru the different manufacturing steps, about 15 trips in and out of the factory. It's a 7 to 10 day process depending on drying time, the holster will ship in 7 to 10 working days in most cases. Working days are Monday to Friday. Do not include weekends, holidays or the day you ordered the product in calculating your expected ship day. It's a $50.00 charge per non stocked item. Just pick that option at check out. You can order other items that are stocked with your non stocked item which has a rush service on it. Do not order items that you can wait for with items you put a Rush Service on. You can combine Rush Service items with only Stocking items. Otherwise, just place separate orders for the items you are willing to wait for. Stocking items are listed on our site in bold red letters that say STOCKING ITEM, you will also see the stocking item logo Stocking Item.