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Not many holster makers offer lined holsters. The fact of the matter is that its an expensive, messy, time consuming process. Also, because of the pure craftsmanship involved, lining may well be its own art form. Its a difficult process, but when done correctly produces an extraordinary unique piece of art. So, in other words!! Its just plain easier, faster and more profitable to make an unlined holster, than it is a lined one.

The act of drawing your pistol from a holster creates friction at the points of contact and eventually those points will begin to show wear. A lined holster delays the inevitable, but there are other benefits to lining besides protecting your guns finish.

A lined holster is stitched all the way around resulting in a fancier look then unlined.{View Lined Holster} Our lining is made from a material that is produced exclusively for High Noon Holsters®. It is a special syntheticmaterial (man made) that is super slick and has cutting edge durability.

It wears in cell by cell and burnishes smooth by use. The material will draw moisture from the surface of the weapon and then, dissipates it quickly into the atmosphere. Being a man made material, it has water repellant properties. Also, because of the laminating process creating a sandwich of leather, glue and lining creates a stiffer holster then an unlined version. This does not mean a unlined holster is soft, its just means when you compare them side by side, the lined holster has a stiffer feel to it.

Some makers offer suede lining, in other words some animals skin, there are drawbacks to this lining method. In our tests, most of them absorb oil, dirt and powder residue. We feel our synthetic material out classes and out performs the animal suede lining. We do not care if it costs more money and is more time consuming to apply, its the best and that's why we use it. High Noon Holsters® is not into cutting corners or making the most money we can from a holster. High Noon Holsters® is all about producing the ultimate best holster we can at a reasonable investment. That's why we have the reputation we have.

We do not line our horsehide holsters due to the nature of the material, its very smooth inside already, because of this slick surface it is not compatible with the lining process.