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  • I Carry: SIG Sauer P320RX in a High Noon Holsters Instinct Holster

  • Meet the Family - Medium Duty IWB Holsters

    Meet the Medium Duty family of inside the waistband or IWB. The Medium Duty family consists of the Hideaway (clip or strap), the Upper Limit (clip or strap), and the Bare Necessity (clip or strap). These holsters are made with the leather rough side out to maximize grip when worn. Having the softer side leather on the inside promotes a easier draw of your handgun. These leather gun holsters are constructed of premium grade cowhide and offers combat grip accessibility, necessary for speed when drawing. All holsters are an open top and open muzzle design. The medium duty holsters also come with a tension screw so that the gun owner can “fine tune” the fitment or snugness to their liking.

  • High Noon Holsters - Instinct Extreme demo

    Check out the Instinct Extreme holster demo featured by Forward Shadow. From draw to fire - .92 seconds! Insane!



  • Robb Manning Slide Guard Review

    High Noon Holsters stands out at the top of my list of the best holsters that I have used.

    ROBB MANNING Every Day Carry www.onwisconsinoutdoors.com High Noon Holster's Slide Guard Feb 2013

    Robb Manning served in the U.S. Marine Corps for nearly 11 years where he developed a passion and knowledge for firearms of all types. Since 2010 Robb has been a gun/hunting writer for www.onwisconsinoutdoors.com, and also flims gun and gear videos for his Youtube channel 762x51n8o.

    High Noon Holsters stands out at the top of my list of the best holsters that I have used.

    Like many of my fellow Wisconsinites, I'm fairly new to concealed carry. Having served in the Marines, I'm not new to carrying pistols, though, having had an M9 strapped to my side or chest throughout the majority of my nearly 11 years in. Being a gun writer also gives me an advantage in that I get to try a lot of different styles, brands, and materials of holsters.

    Of the nearly two dozen holsters I've used, I have developed a definit preference for leather. Other materials work great, but nothing works as well, nor looks as good, as ol' animal hide.

    With all of that said, High Noon Holsters stands out at the top of my list of the best holsters I have used.

  • David Esch Slide Guard Review

    CZ Forum Feb 2013

    David Esch and his wife run the CZ-Forum. He has been in state corrections for 11 years, 7.5 years as a Sgt, he has previously worked 8.5 years in the armored trucking industry as a truck captain and supervisor. He is a Navy vet with one Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, and has worked at two gunshops and two ranges as a wakeman, range safety officer and instructor. David is an NRA Life Member.

    High Noon Slide Guard for Kimber 1911

    Once in a while you get something so nice, well, you just have to share. It came in the usual nice dirty banged up, (seriously, one corner was caved in), box delivered by our friendly UPS man, but inside everything was intact and outstanding!

    The picture really doesn't do it justice, as the beautiful lined Slide Guard holster from High Noon was perfect. What looks like dust is the holster reflecting light, it is so well done! The finish was perfect and even, and the fit was absolutely stellar. How good? Well, when the pistol went in, it was like Part A into Tab B. Usually you expect some fitting and stretching for new holsters – not this one, it was ready to rumble from the word "go".

  • Highnoon Holsters Snapper Review

    Tim Harmsen

    Jan 2013 Military Arms Channel / www.military-arms.com

    I've carried a concealed handgun since moving to Indiana back in 1999. Before moving to Indiana I lived in Illinois that unfortunately didn't allow for concealed carry by average citizens. Over the last 13+ years of carrying concealed I've owned at least 30 different holsters of various types.

    My quest for the ideal out side of the wait band (OWB) holster has been on going. I've tried a wide variety of designs and materials in this quest and I think after a long search I may have found the perfect OWB holster for my needs, the High Noon Snapper(http://www.highnoonholsters.com)

    First, let's talk about materials used in the construction of holsters. The two most popular materials currently in use are leather and Kydex. Both materials have their positive attributes and their negative attributes.

    Leather can mold itself to your body and to the firearm making it the top choice for comfort. Leather also has a traditional look that is both classy and practical. Leather is quite durable and if taken care of, can last you a lifetime. The only downside to leather, cowhide in particular, is that it can hold moister against the firearm. Horsehide tends to repel moisture better than cowhide and High Noon Holsters offers horsehide as an option.



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