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About Us and a little History about High Noon Holsters

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High Noon Holsters started in a one car garage on Long Island in New York back in 1997. The very first holster designed and offered to the public was our Hideaway. The first OWB and second holster designed and manufactured was our Sky High – both are still favorites and popular holsters today.

One of the more humorous memories of High Noon Holsters was observing the delivery company move one of the 3000 pound leather machines into our little single-car garage. Back then, we generated business by making phone calls to all the gun shops and sending them samples. This was a great way to market High Noon Holsters – frankly, the only way we knew how!

In 1998 we decided that Florida would be our new home. We packed up the family and the shop and moved to a lazy beach community outside of Tampa, Florida. A move in the right direction with a TWO car garage and 400 square feet! Still a very tight fit as High Noon Holsters continued to grow.

In 1999, we made another move and increased our shop’s square footage to a whopping 700 sq. ft. Our leather holster lines were increasing and so was the business. We were still reaching out to customers over the phone and continuing to build strong customer relationships. At this point, we had not reached out to the consumer nor were we advertising. We were still a very young holster company but we focused on quality and customer satisfaction. Our business plan focused on working with the retail industry – selling to the gun shops. Our business centered around “word of mouth.” We had a great product and the gun community was agreeing.

In 2000, we launched www.highnoonholsters.com. The website was not an ecommerce site. The internet was still very new and we had no idea how to best use the internet for conducting sales to the consumer. Our website was very basic with no way to order online. The website was considered a “look-see” website and all orders were taking over the phone. The use of the website was a very good business decision as the phones rang constantly.

In 2002, we launched our gun belt product line. Our gun belts were unique to the entire gun/holster industry. The double leather gun belt with reinforcement had not been developed before and we were offering a completely new belt for our customers. We continued to grow and invest in new leather machinery, more emphasis on quality, more holsters and gun belts, catalogs, and advertising. We were building stronger relationships with gun manufacturers and vendors. The High Noon Holsters name was achieving recognition and respect with the gun and holster community.

In 2005, we finally moved our shop into a larger work area. A 2000 sq. ft. shop. More space created a greater area to maintain inventory and our shipping area. Our sewing area grew, our craftsman area grew. High Noon Holsters hit its stride as a strategic player in the leather holster arena. For the next nine years we established a strong ecommerce strategy with online purchasing. We focused on offering the highest quality and having the ability to respond to our customer orders as quickly as possible – even with custom made holsters designed specifically for our customer’s gun model and type.

In 2014, we moved once again – doubling our shop size to over 4000 sq. ft. 2014 was a monumental year because High Noon Holsters was at the strategic decision point – to grow or maintain. High Noon Holsters decided that the most important aspect to owning a business is providing the best products and customer service within its industry. We decided to go big. We decided to move, build a new website, and expand our product line.

In late 2014 we started working on our website. Since then, we completely rebuilt our website from the ground up to make the website more user friendly and standardized throughout ecommerce. We understand the importance and feeling of security when visiting an ecommerce store and investing hard-earned money on a new product.

We also carved out a section of our new shop, dedicated to the manufacturing of Kydex. We spent months in Research and Development to create the highest level of quality in today’s modern Kydex holster. All made right here in Florida and the good ol’ USofA!

In summary, my wife and I value our customers. We instill the importance of quality and customer support in the High Noon Holsters team. The customer will always be right and we go at length to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We appreciate the loyalty in our customer base and we welcome all new visitors and customers who visit our website. We thank you for your business with the hopes that High Noon Holsters will always be your destination one stop shopping for the best holster in America!


God Bless this Great Nation-

Claire and George
Owners, High Noon Holsters

“Protect what you love!”

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