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  • MOΛΩΝ ΛABE - Hybrid

    NEW - MOΛΩΝ ΛABE - Hybrid

    From the Integrator family comes the ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛABE holster.  We are now offering another Patriotic holster.  ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛABE is a rallying cry for 2nd amendment supporters in America, and proponents of firearms ownership around the world. It is a reminder to those who would take away the right to bear arms that doing so is an inherently tricky proposition…an armed populace makes for a more cautious government after all. 
    Some may say that a retired military officer running for congress first brought up the phrase during his campaign back in 2004. Three years later with the movie 300, and the phrase ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛABE begain to take hold with proponents of gun rights in America.
    The ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛABE holster is on of the most desirable hybrids ever offered on the market today.  With the ever popular phrase ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛABE emblazoned on your holster reminding everyone that you are a believer of the 2nd Amendment and if the government ever plans to confiscate America's weapons, they will have to "come and take them." ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛABE is proudly displayed on the molded Kydex front panel and a black dyed premium cowhide leather rear panel. What better way to state your position than with the ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛABE slogan on a High Noon Hybrid!

    WAIT!  Love this hybrid holster but cannot find your gun in the Gun Model dropdown?  Don’t leave!  Call us (727-939-2701) or email us at questions@highnoonholsters.com.  We might be able to help!
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  • Back the Blue - Kydex

    NEW - Back the Blue - Kydex

    The Back the Blue holster is a version of the Perimeter but with the Punisher Skull and the superimposed American Flag with the Blue Stripe displayed proudly. The Rebel is a low profile Extreme Duty OWB.  Slim pancake design for minimal printing.  Injection molded belt loops for comfort and reliability as well as close to the body contouring.  The Perimeter design highlights its black perimeter design to accent the Back the Blue design.  Custom made and virtually maintenance-free Kydex®, Perimeter is fast to the draw, thin and easy to conceal.  The smooth low friction surface allows for a fast draw and easy one-handed re-holstering of your firearm.  The Back the Blue Kydex holster is proudly handmade in the U.S.A.!  Keep in mind that a Kydex® gun holster is only part of the system.  A high quality gun belt is a must when you consider wearing your OWB holster.


    • OWB

    • Back the Blue front panel

    • Black Kydex rear panel

    • 1.5” or 1.75” belt widths available. Comes with the 1.5" poly belt loops.

    • 2 injection molded belt loops affixed with 4 screw post assemblies (for ease)

    • Straight drop intended for 1-3 o’clock carry

    • Snag free channeling for control levers

    • Pre-set retention

    • Gun specific mold

    • Beveled and Buffed edges

    • Offered in a Standard or Competition Cut

    WAIT!  Love this holster but cannot find your gun in the Gun Model dropdown?  Don’t leave!  Call us (727-939-2701) or email us at questions@highnoonholsters.com.  We might be able to help!Learn More

Items 11 to 12 of 12 total

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Latest Sales items offered by High Noon Holsters. The holsters below are on sale for one reason or another. If during the manufacturing cycle a stitch is off or there is a discrepancy in the leather - yet, the holster is a good holster, we may elect to offer the holster on our Sales Page. These holsters are fully functional yet they might have a slight issue that will keep us from sending it to a customer.

The holsters below are reduced in price due to their discrepancy and the discrepancy is noted in the holster description. Take advantage of 20%, 30%, even 50% off these new holsters with very minor issues.

Please make note that all holsters offered in the sales section are final. These holsters may have flaws which is why they are selling at a reduced cost. Please read the description of each holster before purchase. If you have any questions, please call - 727-939-2701.