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  • Overlap Extreme Duty Knife Sheath

    NEW! The Overlap Extreme Duty Knife Sheath

    NEW! High Noon Sheaths - the newest product line of the High Noon Family. Introducing the OverLap Extreme Duty Knife Sheath. Offered in six popular colors.  Also offering five Kryptek designs and three Hexcam designs as well as a pink camo design.  The Overlap Extreme Duty offers a choice of either a custom leather loop or a polymer black clip.  The Overlap Extreme Duty leather loop includes pull the dot snaps, three color choices and five embossing choices.  The Overlap Extreme Duty also offers a choice of six exotic skins to choose from for your belt loop.  Explore with a custom carbon fiber or a clear, set yourself apart, look. Custom made and virtually maintenance-free Kydex®, Overlap Extreme Duty is thin and easy to conceal.  The smooth low friction surface allows for an easy draw and easy one-handed sheathing of your knife.  The Overlap Extreme Duty Kydex holster is proudly handmade in the U.S.A.!  Keep in mind that a Kydex holster is only part of the system.  A high quality gun belt, gun holster, mag carrier and knife sheath is a must.

    Features include:

    • IWB

    • Kydex is .080 thickness

    • Five Kryptek color designs to choose from

    • Three Hexcam color designs to choose from

    • Colors to choose from Black, OD Green, Coyote Brown, Gray, Navy, Pink, Pink Camo, Purple, Carbon Fiber, Clear – Ghost, Mirage

    • Choice of either leather strap or polymer black clip

    • Leather loop with pull-the-dot snaps

    • Three leather color choices – Natural, Tan, and Black

    • Leather embossed loop – choose from six embossings

    • Exotic leather loop – choose from six exotic skins

    • Snag-free channeling for control levers

    • Pre-set retention

    • Knife specific mold

    • Rounded design for comfort

    • Beveled and Buffed edges

    Price: $80.95
    Price: $120.95 - choice of exotic skin

    WAIT! Love this Kydex Knife Sheath but cannot find your knife in the Knife Model dropdown? Don’t leave! Call us (727-939-2701) or email us at questions@highnoonholsters.com. We might be able to help!

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