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  • Down Under for a Walther PPK, PPKS, l/h, Horsehide, Natural, Clip

    Down Under for a Walther PPK, PPKS, l/h, Horsehide, Natural, Clip

    We have to make room!
    In order to make room, we have gear that must go!
    Take advantage of our clearance sale of gear up to 50% off!
    Clearance sales like these don’t happen much in the holster industry.
    All Clearance sale items are final so make sure you select the right holster for you and your firearm!
    All of our clearance holsters have been tested and custom fitted. These are high quality holsters that might have a blemish or two. These holsters will fit your handgun perfectly!
    Promo codes and coupon codes cannot be applied to sale or clearance items.

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    Special Price $78.95

1 Item(s)

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Latest Sales items offered by High Noon Holsters. The holsters below are on sale for one reason or another. If during the manufacturing cycle a stitch is off or there is a discrepancy in the leather - yet, the holster is a good holster, we may elect to offer the holster on our Sales Page. These holsters are fully functional yet they might have a slight issue that will keep us from sending it to a customer.

The holsters below are reduced in price due to their discrepancy and the discrepancy is noted in the holster description. Take advantage of 20%, 30%, even 50% off these new holsters with very minor issues.

Please make note that all holsters offered in the sales section are final. These holsters may have flaws which is why they are selling at a reduced cost. Please read the description of each holster before purchase. If you have any questions, please call - 727-939-2701.