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Hybrid Holsters

Hybrid Holsters

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  • Iron Horse front

    Iron Horse

    The Iron Horse. We've taken our Fusion hybrid holster and incorporated a Level 2 retention thumb break. Not only has High Noon Holsters offered the most advanced designs on the market, but now we have incorporated a leather lining with a Level 2 retention thumb break. High Noon Holsters constantly looks for better ways to offer continuous solutions to our customers. The Fusion provided a solution to gun owners who do not like the idea of sliding their handgun in Kydex so we leather-lined one of our holsters - the Fusion. With positive feedback from our War Hammer product line, the next step was using the Fusion design and adding a thumb break. Low profile Hybrid Holster. Slim pancake design for minimal printing. Injection molded belt loops for comfort and reliability as well as close to the body contouring. Eight popular colors to choose from. Also offering five Kryptek color designs as well as a pink camo color design. You can also choose a clear molded front to enhance your weapon while holstered. Choose your color for the lined leather - either Natural, Tan or Black. For your thumb break, you can choose your leather type – cowhide or horsehide as well as color (Natural, Tan or Black) as well as a variety of embossings – if you choose. Custom made and virtually maintenance-free Kydex®, the War Hammer is fast to the draw, thin and easy to conceal. The smooth low friction surface allows for a fast draw and easy one-handed re-holstering of your firearm. The War Hammer Kydex® OWB hybrid holster is proudly handmade in the U.S.A.! Keep in mind that a Kydex® gun holster is only part of the system. A high quality tactical gun belt is a must when you consider wearing your OWB holster.


    • High Quality Kydex - .08 thickness

    • Choose from a variety of colors and designs for both the front and rear panels

    • Five Kryptek color designs to choose from

    • Standard colors - Black, OD Green ,Coyote Brown

    • Specialty colors - Gray, Navy, Pink, Pink Camo, Purple

    • Carbon Fiber

    • Clear – Ghost, Mirage

    • Choose from three leather colors for your leather lining - Natural, Tan and Black

    • Choose your thumb break leather type – cowhide or horsehide

    • Choose your thumb break leather color – Black, Tan, or Natural

    • Choose an embossing for your thumb break

    • 1.5” or 1.75” belt widths available. Comes with the 1.5" poly belt loops.

    • 2 injection molded belt loops affixed with 4 screw post assemblies (for ease)

    • Choose straight drop or canted - wear at the 1-3 o’clock carry

    • Snag free channeling for control levers

    • Pre-set retention

    • Gun specific mold

    • Beveled and Buffed edges

    Price: $139.95 Standard

    WAIT! Love this hybrid holster but cannot find your gun in the Gun Model dropdown? Don’t leave! Call us (727-939-2701) or email us at questions@highnoonholsters.com. We might be able to help!Learn More

1 Item(s)

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High Noon Holsters avowals a completely inclusive variety of gun holsters. We have taken our love for weaponry and turned it into a business of supplying the best holsters and accessories to go with those weapons. It is an integral part of our business to ensure that we always provide products that we would use ourselves.

Hybrid holsters are the best of all worlds in the realm of gun containment. Every hybrid we provide is available in a wide spectrum of colors, finishes, and styles. By offering these variations, every customer can pick a style that most appeals to their individual personality. The materials in each hybrid holster are the absolute best on the market so each purchase is truly an investment. With options in leather, kydex, and the new innovative hexcam, every one is guaranteed to be durable and striking.

Our hybrid holsters are never just for show either. Each one is designed in a way to ensure optimum function and tactical utility. These holsters were thoughtfully designed to create products that are ideal for any use you may have envisioned for it. For concealment, personal protection, competitive shooting, and any other practice, these products were modeled after the true definition of hybrid. Every one is different, but each one is excellent in their own ways.

Don't hesitate to purchase and try out one of these pistol holsters for yourself. You are sure to become a fan of what High Noon Holsters has to offer in the world of weapon holsters and accessories.

Five cool Kryptek color designs or three popular Hexcam designs.Hybrid Holsters

If you are in the market for a reliable, high-quality hybrid concealed carry holster with the comfort of leather and the durability of Kydex, you’ve come to the right place. For the best hybrid gun holster products on the market, look no further than High Noon Holsters. Our industry-leading, cutting-edge hybrid gun holster and other gun holster products are well-known and appreciated by countless gun enthusiasts.

To us, your hybrid holster is more than just a place to keep your gun. It’s a reflection of your love of your firearm and the way you integrate it into your life. That’s why we offer a wide assortment of attractive and functional holsters and accessories for your weapons. We don’t sell a concealed carry hybrid holster or any other type of holster that we wouldn’t be proud to use ourselves.

We love to provide hybrid holster products to our customers because they give you the best of all worlds, combining your preferred materials into hidden hybrid holsters that help make you feel like your gun is an extension of your body.

The amount of color, finish and style options we offer is truly impressive, and no matter what materials go into your hybrid holster, combining leather and Kydex, you can be sure those materials are of the highest quality, and your finished product is a beautiful, valuable and durable piece of equipment.

Hybrid Holsters for Form and Function

Although our holsters look great, that’s not the only reason you’ll want them. In fact, the primary reason many people choose our concealed carry hybrid holsters is how well they work. We have designed these holsters to maximize tactical utility and functionality. They are comfortable, provide superior concealment and are ideal no matter what your primary purpose for your weapon is, whether it's competitive shooting or personal protection — and don’t forget that all of our holsters are made right here in the U.S.A.

Our Hybrid Holster Selection

Choose one or more of our amazing hybrid holster options, including:

1. The Fusion

For comfort, simplicity and reliability in an outside-the-waistband holster, many hybrid fans rely on the classic Kydex® and cowhide leather-lined Fusion. The slim, diamond cut pancake design and injection molded belt loops provide a comfortable, natural fit, and the smooth surface allows you to draw fast and re-holster with ease.

Customize your Fusion with natural, tan and black leather and one of five cool Kryptek color designs or three popular Hexcam designs.

2. The Iron Horse

This Iron Horse is a dream holster that fuses rich leather with quality, practically maintenance-free Kydex®. You’ll enjoy the leather lining in natural, tan or black with Level 2 retention thumb break in a take on our classic Fusion holster.
A great match to a high-quality tactical gun belt, this holster comes with the comfort of a slim pancake design and injection molded belt loops. Choose from a variety of attractive colors, including standard Black, OD Green and Coyote Brown as well as Gray, Navy, Purple, Pink and Pink Camo. Choose from five cool Kryptek color designs or three popular Hexcam designs.  Other features include a straight or canted drop, pre-set retention and snag-free channeling for control levers.

3. The Integrator

This OWB hybrid holster is one of the holsters of choice for operators of veterans’ leadership and training organization D-CO. We think once you’ve tried it, you’ll see why. Affordable, attractive and functional, this hybrid holster features the slim pancake design and injection molded belt loops for comfort, with a cowhide, custom molded rear panel in natural, tan or black premium leather.
This design also offers a Kydex front panel in your choice of three colors, as well as five Kryptek color designs and three Hexcam colors. The Integrator is a straight drop or cant design with a tension screw and beveled and buffed edges.

4. The Direct Hit

This appealing holster is another finely crafted combination of the sleek look of Kydex® with the ease and comfort of a leather lining. Choose the extreme-duty leather loop or the heavy-duty polymer black clip. Customization options include exotic skins, custom carbon fiber and unique Kryptek and Hexcam color designs like Highlander, Mandrake and Nomad and Spectra as well as Echo.
Choose natural, black or tan for the leather. Drawing and one-handed re-holstering is a snap with this holster’s smooth construction. There’s a reason why this holster is praised as the best custom Kydex® taco leather-lined hybrid holster available.

5. The Close Encounter

Like the Integrator, this hybrid holster is popular with the operators of D-CO. This inside-the-waistband hybrid with slim pancake designs features the extreme-duty leather loop or heavy-duty polymer black clip, a leather rear panel in natural, tan or black, optional front panel leather lining and, of course, attractive, easy-to-maintain Kydex®.
Customize it with a carbon fiber texture, Kryptek, or Hexcam patterns to make the Close Encounter truly your own.

6. The Turning Point

Another preferred hybrid holster for D-CO operators, this tuckable inside-the-waistband hybrid is easy to conceal with a leather extension that lets you tuck your shirt completely over the holstered weapon so that only the belt clip is visible. Simply pull your shirt up with your off hand and draw quickly and easily.
As with our other hybrid holsters, The Turning Point features the slim pancake design, the perfect melding of comfortable leather and classic Kydex® and custom features like Kryptek color designs and carbon fiber texture. The rounded design adds extra comfort, and the “medium” ride facilitates a combat grip.

High Noon Holsters Is the Hybrid Holster Provider for Gun Enthusiasts From Gun Enthusiasts

From the moment you make contact with High Noon Holsters, you’ll know you are talking to people who truly appreciate good weaponry and weaponry accessories. We pride ourselves on superior customer service. We’ll find out what your specific weapon containment needs are and find the perfect solution to fit. We can’t wait for you to join the High Noon Holsters family.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Find out for yourself! We can have your holster to you right away. Order one of our quality hybrid holsters today!