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Rock Steady Exotic Belts

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  • Rock Steady Belt Bison

    Rock Steady Belt Bison


    Please review sizing instructions at the bottom of the page prior to selecting a size.

    Three Rules For The Perfect Belt Size

    1. You can not determine your belt size from your pants size. Do not go by this measurement
    2. You can not determine your belt size from your waist size. Do not go by this measurement
    3. Do not pick the waist size you would LIKE to be, or take a guess. Do not go by this measurement

    Please Measure As Per The Instructions Below Ninety Nine Percent Of The Returns Are For Bigger Sizes

    Simply measure an existing belt, with no gear on, from the hole you use to the other end of the belt and include the entire buckle. Take that number and add 2 inches. This number is the correct size that you need to order and will be the middle hole on your new belt. This will allow you approximately 2" of adjustment either way. You will have room to both tighten the belt, if needed, or to loosen it a notch. This will usually suffice for an inside the waistband holster or a belt holster. Remember when wearing a belt holster, the belt is going in and out of holster slots and an IWB is taking up extra room also. More belt is better then less. Sizes 48 and up will be $35.00 additional. Our on line order system will add it in for you.

    We only purchase our bison leather from companies who are or work with companies that humanely harvest bison - simply because it is ethical and professional.

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1 Item(s)

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