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Robb Manning Slide Guard Review

High Noon Holsters stands out at the top of my list of the best holsters that I have used.

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High Noon Holster's Slide Guard Feb 2013

Robb Manning served in the U.S. Marine Corps for nearly 11 years where he developed a passion and knowledge for firearms of all types. Since 2010 Robb has been a gun/hunting writer for www.onwisconsinoutdoors.com, and also flims gun and gear videos for his Youtube channel 762x51n8o.

High Noon Holsters stands out at the top of my list of the best holsters that I have used.

Like many of my fellow Wisconsinites, I'm fairly new to concealed carry. Having served in the Marines, I'm not new to carrying pistols, though, having had an M9 strapped to my side or chest throughout the majority of my nearly 11 years in. Being a gun writer also gives me an advantage in that I get to try a lot of different styles, brands, and materials of holsters.

Of the nearly two dozen holsters I've used, I have developed a definit preference for leather. Other materials work great, but nothing works as well, nor looks as good, as ol' animal hide.

With all of that said, High Noon Holsters stands out at the top of my list of the best holsters I have used.


As I pulled the holster out of the package, I was struck by its simple beauty. and its large grains of leather are striking, as is the contrast between the rich, brown leather and the yellow stitching It's crafted with such precision that it looks like a carefully painted plastic replica. But I assure you it's not, it's 100 percent real.

Slipping my pistol into the Slide Guard was like sliding in behind the wheel of a new German automobile— and with the similar smell of fine leather. At first it was just a touch tight and it stuck on the draw, but after a week of wear, it fits perfectly. One advantage that High Noon Holsters gives you that a lot of other leather holsters do not is a tension adjustment screw, so that if it were to ever get too loose, there's a quick fix. More on that below in the Retention/ Draw section.

Since pulling it out of the package three weeks ago, I've worn the Slide Guard almost every waking minute, with exception to a day trip to Illinois. I will tell you point blank, the craftsmanship is topnotch. It is two-piece leather construction with quality double stitching, and it has been form fitted by hand to the gun model of your choosing. Most important, this holster is built very solidly; it isn't going to fail any time soon. In fact, from the feel of it, it will last decades, if not longer, and will definitely outlast me. If that's not enough, HNH gives you a 100 percent lifetime guarantee on quality, workmanship, and hardware.


I wear a Spec-Ops brand 1.75-inch web belt with which my Slide Guard works perfectly. My carry gun is a Kimber Solo, and with the Slide Guard I can wear just about any shirt without printing. I'll even throw on a T-shirt and you can't tell my rig is there. In fact, most people are more drawn to my weak side, where I clip my iPhone case.

The great concealability is due in large part to the curvature of the holster, which hugs the upper hip and keeps the butt of the pistol nice and snug against the body. It's also due to it having the
perfect cant angle, 15 degrees, and just the right height above the belt. When it comes to concealment, the Slide Guard is tough to beat.


When I first got my CCW license earlier this year, I was so excited to be able to legally carry, it didn't matter what kind of holster I used; any hunk of plastic or cloth would do. Burlap lined with lava rock shards would have sufficed. But as the novelty and excitement of a new CCW license wore off, that "any ol' holster will do" mentality also wore off— and quickly. Nowadays, the more uncomfortable a holster is the further back in the dresser drawer it ends up. It has to be that way; we're talking about something we carry on us all day and sometimes all night!

The Slide Guard is so comfortable, even when I can't carry or choose not to carry I just leave the empty holster on my belt. No need to take it off; I hardly notice it's there. Of the nearly two dozen holsters I own, I have two that I can do that with, and I'm happy to say the Slide Guard is one of them.


Retention in the Slide Guard is excellent. When it is fully seated, it almost snaps into place. the only time your pistol will leave this holster is when you intend it to. Further, the tension screw assures that it will never get too loose or too tight. High Noon likes to refer to this as their "insurance for the future" in that no matter if your holster loosens up with age, you'll be able to fine tune your holster's retention. It will also allow you to keep the desired retention of your holster despite external factors such as horseback riding, hand injuries, and aging (arthritis, et cetera). As for draw, the 15-degree cant of the holster puts it in the perfect position to grab the pistol and pull it out smoothly for a quick presentation to the target.


In conclusion, the Slide Guard is an excellent holster in every aspect, and I think High Noon Holsters makes an outstanding product. Overall quality is topnotch. As for looks, the leather is really attractive and the contrast between the leather and yellow stitching is unique and looks great. I highly recommend this holster.

High Noon Holsters offers holsters for hundreds of different makes and models of firearms and with several options, including material and color. A cowhide unlined holster can be purchased for $99.95 at www.highnoonholsters.com.