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Meet the Family - Medium Duty IWB Holsters

Meet the Medium Duty family of inside the waistband or IWB. The Medium Duty family consists of the Hideaway (clip or strap), the Upper Limit (clip or strap), and the Bare Necessity (clip or strap). These holsters are made with the leather rough side out to maximize grip when worn. Having the softer side leather on the inside promotes a easier draw of your handgun. These leather gun holsters are constructed of premium grade cowhide and offers combat grip accessibility, necessary for speed when drawing. All holsters are an open top and open muzzle design. The medium duty holsters also come with a tension screw so that the gun owner can “fine tune” the fitment or snugness to their liking.

All holster come with your choice of a clip or strap. The heavy duty all steel reverse J clip locks onto the belt. For those who prefer straps, the straps come with pull the dot snaps to ensure a secure fitment to your gun belt. and open muzzle are designed into the holster.

Holster Features:

The Hideaway can be used strong side, cross draw or in front of the hip. The Hideaway is considered a straight drop and a deep concealment holster.

The Upper Limit is a high ride holster and offers a better combat grip. The Upper Limit is a straight drop holster.

The Bare Necessity a 15 degree forward canted holster. This holster features combat grip accessibility – necessary for speed when drawing.