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K9 Agitation Muzzle

$89.95 - $139.95

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This muzzle was researched and designed in partnership with Guardian Point. Check out what Guardian Point offers to the K9 community - Their goal is to train and equip capable canine teams so that they can operate independently in every environment imaginable - Guardian Point

Our working dog muzzles are the best on the market. Each muzzle is made of premium cowhide leather, made by hand. Our design takes into consideration the utmost safety for you and your dog during training. Our muzzle is designed specifically for training. Reinforced metal front for combative work. Reinforced sides to keep the muzzle from collapsing during training or actual work. This muzzle can be used for combative work yet is ventilated enough to be used for transporting your dog when a muzzle might be required.

Our muzzles offer plenty of air holes for ventilation and detection work. The holes sizes are designed to keep fingers from accidentally finding their way into the muzzle. The muzzles also come with a pad under the top part of the muzzle to provide comfort when worn during training and work. Stainless steel buckles offer the best hardware for long lasting use. We pay attention to detail with our muzzles by offering the highest quality in craftsmanship. Our muzzles are made right here in the USA and are used by our military’s finest elite K-9s.

Choose from medium dogs to larger dogs (Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, and German Shepherds). We offer three color combinations – Black with black trim, tan with black trim, and natural with black trim.

Sizes are based on muzzle length. To find out the measurement for your dog, measure from the end of the nose to the bridge of the dog’s muzzle just under the eyes. Also measure from the jaw bone near the base of the ear to the nose. Between these measurements, you can determine which muzzle will best fit your dog.

Measure from the base of the eyes to the nose
Small = 3" - 3.5"
Medium = 3.5” - 4"
Large = 4” - 5"

Measure from the jawbone at the base of the ears to the nose
Small = 7"
Medium = 8"
Large = 9"


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Additional Info

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