High Ride Or Low Ride

   Neither one of these methods is best, there is no best when it comes to carrying a gun. It all depends on what your personal needs are, each of us will under take different activities during the day. So what works for your buddy may not work for you.

   Also keep in mind a low ride holster does not mean that the combat grip high ride holster is not as concealable. With a good gun belt on they both will get the job done, just look at the pictures.

   So remember, holsters do not conceal guns, they make them bigger!!!! Concealment comes from the clothes you wear,  a GOOD gun belt to hold the gun close to your body, choice of gun, body type and where on the body you carry it. Think of a holster as a container just holding the gun safely until you need it. But, there are many different containers to choose from.  Its just one piece to the concealment puzzle.  It is a discovery of preference for each individual person.

A High Ride or Combat Grip means that the holster will ride high enough so you can get your entire hand on the gun in one try. Your middle finger will be just above your belt line. Its one smooth draw and motion. Hand on gun, pull and get on target.

A low ride is for when deeper concealment is your main priority. The gun will sit much lower in your pants and will take more time to get it out and on target. Its a two stage draw. You will have to dig a bit, then get the gun up and then adjust your hand to get on the entire gun.