Current Close Outs. 
You have to call us up to order. 727-939-2701 We do not have time to catalog them thru the site.

The Price is $69.90 each plus Shipping. We have linked you to what the product looks like, its the blue writing. They are all brand new. Left hand folks are at the bottom, scroll down.

Red Nichols Holsters are $125.00
If you do not know who Red is Go Here, an interesting read.

Some of these holsters retail are in the $130.00 to $200.00 Range. So its a great deal at $69.90 or for Reds gear $125.00

All sales are final, no returns. We have linked most of them to the product so you could see what it may look like which may not be 100% accurate. Some are horse, lined unlined etc etc.

Rock Steady Belts

May have range marks

Natural 1 1/2 x 32

Down Under Clip RH
2 238 Crimson Trace
2 LCP Crimson Trace
2 Kahr MK Crimson Trace


Public Secret Clip RH

S&W MP 4.25
Sig 290
Ruger LCP 380 Crimson Trace


Public Secret Straps RH

Kahr 40 3.5"
Ruger LCP Crimson Trace
Ruger LC9 Crimson Trace
Kahr MK, PM Crimson Trace


Tailgunner Straps RH

Bersa Thunder 9 Horsehide






Slide Guard RH

Wilson ADP Black Lined


Under Armor  RH
The holster side and mag side are a slightly different materials and will not match each other. But the color is the same black.

Ruger 89,90,93,94,95,97
Sccy CPX


Sky High

Wilson ADP Black Lined


Nichols Prototype Holsters. 
$125.00 Each      Retail Is $199.00
All are great holsters, slightly different then current production

Dead End

1911 3,3.5,4,4.2,4.25,5 Tan Ruff side out Exotic skin trim  Right Hand

These are LEFT Hand Only

Alter Ego
Sig 250 SC 3.6"

Public Secret Clip LEFT
Springfield XD 3

Public Straps LEFT
1911 3"

Sky High  LEFT

S&W  4566,4576,4586 Black Lined
HKC 9,40,45 Black Unlined
Bersa Thunder 45 Black Unlined

Topless LEFT
1911 3.5" Black Unlined
CZ 75 C Natural Unlined